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The connector's characteristics

Synchronization of the building sites

Synchronization is unidirectional, from ERP to Alobees.
Creation of a construction site on the ERP => Creation of the construction site on Alobees
Open/Closed work on ERP => Open/Closed work on Alobees

The information transferred to the Alobees yards is as follows :
Site name
Site code
Additional address
Site contact
Contact phone
Start date
End date

Synchronization of documents

Synchronization is unidirectional, from ERP to Alobees.
Creation/modification of a document on the ERP => Creation/modification of the document on Alobees
The access rights for each type of document can be configured as you wish. For example, it is possible to configure the administrator to access all documents while the worker only has access to non-quantified estimates and work orders.

Synchronization of the working hours

Synchronization is unidirectional but from Alobees to the ERP unlike the others.
It can be periodic (daily, weekly ...)
It can be manual by clicking on the "option" button of the ERP

Synchronization of the works in the ERP estimate

Synchronization is unidirectional, from ERP to Alobees.
Creation of a quote from the ERP => Transfer of tasks to the construction site in Alobees.
Modification of a quote from the ERP => Modification of the tasks on the construction site on Alobees .
Site tasks are created on Alobees according to the lines of the ERP quote.
Tasks completed on Alobees are never overwritten.

Synchronization of estimated hours

This synchronization is unidirectional, from Alobees to the ERP.
A total of estimated hours is added to the Alobees job site, which is the sum of all accepted quote jobs from that job site.

History synchronization

Alobees proposes, upon the installation of the connector, to transfer the existing sites with a 24 months prior history.
However, no documents will be generated or transferred for these sites.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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