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How does the news feed of a site work?

News feed

When you click on a construction site you will access what is called the "news feed" of the construction site. This is where you will see the different photos taken on the construction site and the different messages that have been posted. Everyone associated with a construction site can participate in the life of the site.

When a post is published you will receive a notification indicated by a red circle on the bell at the top left. All users attached to the construction site receive notifications when an item is published in the construction site news feed.

Post a comment

You can add a comment by writing your message in the "Express yourself" section.

You can also add a comment to an already published post by clicking on the two "Comment" bubbles below the post.

Publish a photo/video

Click on the camera to open the windows menu and select a photo from the folders on your computer/phone.

Once selected, click "publish" so that the photo is visible to everyone. It is possible to publish up to 10 photos at a time.

Storage is completely unlimited both in size and in time. So don't hesitate to post photos and videos!

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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