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How to create a new site?

The construction site creation is done in the following way, unless you have an ERP connected to Alobees. If this is the case, when you create a construction site in your ERP, it will be created automatically in Alobees. You can also create a construction site only in Alobees but it will not appear in your ERP.

Create a construction site

To create a construction site, you can follow these instructions:

Click on Sites
Click on the + button at the bottom right of the page
Fill in the information concerning the construction site. Only the name of the construction site is necessary to create the construction site.

Site manager

The manager can be a chargé d'affaires, a site manager or anyone responsible for the management of several construction sites.
The manager can consult the list of users but cannot add users.
He has access to all the functionalities of the construction sites on which he is appointed site manager, but cannot access the functionalities of other construction sites.

Construction site foreman

This gives a worker certain privileges on the construction site. In particular, the construction site foreman will be able to archive memos. He will also be able to fill in the time sheets of all the workers assigned to the construction site, if this optional feature has been activated.

Selecting a site manager and construction site foreman is optional.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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